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About Getting There Guide

DRMAC strives to achieve mobility and access for all in the Denver Metro region. We want people to go where they want to go as well as where they need to go. Having information about transit resources is key to helping people stay connected to places which lead to healthy and active lives. We hope this webpage / app will be a tool to help you "get there". You can also receive a personal consultation on how to "get there" by contacting our Information and Assistance line at (303) 243-3113

Additional information including PDFs of our transportation guide in multiple languages can be found on our website at

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Service Areas

These are the areas serviced by the Getting There Guide website / app:

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Medicaid Information

A Note About Medicaid Transportation

Individuals who receive Medicaid as their primary medical insurance can contact IntelliRide* and provide their Medicaid state ID to find out if they are eligible for transportation benefits. If eligible, free transportation may be provided to Medicaid covered medical and behavioral health appointments.

Individuals who are enrolled in one of the following Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waiver programs should contact their Single Entry Point or Community Center Board case manager to find out more about transportation services and providers: Supported Living Services waiver, Elderly Blind and Disabled waiver, Brain Injury waiver, Spinal Cord Injury waiver, and Community Mental Health Supports waiver. Visit and search for single entry point agencies or community center boards.

Assistance with navigating Medicaid transportation resources is also available through local Regional Accountability Entities (RAEs). The RAE for Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert counties is: Colorado Access (call: (303) 386-0037). Denver residents can call: (303) 368-0038. Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Jefferson Counties are served by Colorado Community Health Alliance (call: (303) 256-1717).

* Gilpin and Clear Creek residents are not served by IlliRide and should contact their County Department of Human Services.

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Veterans Information

Information about Veterans Transportation

Here are some Ride Providers that specifically offer transportation services to Veterans.


(303) 443-1933

Volunteer drivers provide transportation services to Broomfield and Boulder Veterans (60+) for local medical trips (doctor, dentist, P.T., pharmacy, etc.) as well as trips to VA appointments in Denver, Aurora, Golden, Ft. Collins, Greeley, and Cheyenne. Service is not wheelchair accessible.

Disabled American Veterans

(970) 310-1200

Transportation for veterans within a 15-mile radius of the VA Medical Center. Service is not wheelchair accessible.

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center Travel Office

(720) 857-5420

Travel services or mileage reimbursement for service-connected Veterans. Call for consultation.

RTD Customer Care Line

(720) 299-6000

There are several RTD routes that serve the VA Medical Center and the VA's community-based clinics. Contact RTD to find out more.

Veterans Transportation Services (VTS)

(720) 857-5419

Operates within a 25-mile radius of VA medical facilities. Service is wheelchair accessible and available for Veterans needing rides to VA Medical Center, VA community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs), and other community medical facilities. No service connection required.

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PEAK Information

Fare Assistance

DRMAC and RTD invite Denver Metro residents to visit Colorado PEAK to apply for LiVE: RTD's new income-based fare discount program. LiVE provides a 40% fare discount for RTD's fixed route bus/rail services to individuals and families (ages 20-64) with limited incomes living in the RTD service area.

This means a monthly gross household/family as follows, based on the number of household members:

  • $1,967 (for 1 family member)
  • $2,658 (for 2 family members)
  • $3,349 (for 3 family members)
  • $4,039 (for 4 family members)
  • $4,730 (for 5 family members)
  • $5,421 (for 6 family members)
For example, a local RTD fare valued at $3.00 would be discounted to $1.80. Visit Colorado Peak or the RTD LiVE website for more information. Visit your county Department of Human Services for additional assistance applying for LiVE.

RTD also offers other discounts for older adults, youth, and people with disabilities. Older adults (age 65+), people with disabilities, and Medicare recipients receive a 50% fare discount. Youth (ages 6-19) receive a 70% fare discount. Children ages 5 and younger ride free with a paying adult. See RTD Fares% website for more info.

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Other Tools

Google Maps

Description: Provides maps and directions options
Transportation Options: car, public transit, bike, walk rideshare

Bustang Mobile App

Download Mobile App

Description: Provides maps and directions options
Transportation Options: Statewide public transportation

Next Ride

Description: Web app using real-time data to make bus/rail connections
Transportation Options: Public Transit and connecting options

Way To Go - (303) 458-7665

Description: a DRCOG program with alternatives to driving alone
Transportation Options: Van/Carpool, Bus, Schoolpool, Bike

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